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The only way to do great work is to

Here is Keerthi, Assistant Faculty at Learnpedia. A Masters in Biotechnology, Keerthi oversees the content development for ScorePMT, an online digital platform for students preparing for medical exams. A self-confessed science aficionado, she literally and figuratively eats, sleeps and breathes Zoology and Botany. No, you don't believe it? Neither did we, until we actually heard her say this, " Whenever I have free time, I brush up on my knowledge of Zoology and Botany". See, told ya!.

A typical day in Keerthi's life would be something like this - Come in sharp at 9.30 am. Prepare a detailed plan for the day. Co-ordinate with her team members which include two animators, three editors and three digital content operators for developing content in a way that simplifies the curriculum making it fascinating, with the help of illustrations, graphs and animations. She then gets in touch with the faculty to record their lectures in the studio. Keerthi says she is grateful to her team-mates for responding to her needs in the most effective manner, notwithstanding the fact that they do not comprehend those very concepts that they are out to simplify! "It is definitely heartening to see how they go the extra mile to abide by my requirements. That really keeps me going."

The only time you will catch Keerthi out of her desk, is during the lunch break. She promptly returns to her desk and resumes work once food and such sundry issues are addressed. Keerthi's spirit and commitment is truly infectious. She is an inspiration to all of us here.