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Knowledge is Power

'Mentor', 'a loyal friend', 'forever smiling' these are some of the endearing ways in which his colleagues address Ambarish Kumar, IT Administrator at Learnpedia. Ambarish has won people's hearts with his charming and pleasing demeanour.

A Master in Science from United Kingdom, Ambarish feels motivated when he listens to speeches delivered by Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple Inc. He says that Jobs inspires him to rise above and do something exciting and different.

Talking about excitement, he is filled with joy as he cannot wait to hop on to his new Toyota Etios and get away for a long spin, a self-confessed car freak that he is.

A typical day at work would see Ambarish listing the work for the day, coordinating with his team, checking the email server, keeping an eye on bandwidth, resolving customer issues, etc.

We went ahead and asked him what he would do if we won a lottery for ten million dollars. He instantly replied that he would invest in Learnpedia, thus quelling the entrepreneurial urge, to become a partner.

What really motivates Ambarish to come to work everyday is the fact that the team has become a family and everyday is a learning experience and he personally believes that knowledge is power.