5 Benefits of Video lectures

The growth of online education market in India has seen an unprecedented growth in the last three to four years. In the last three years, the Common Admission Test (CAT) has gone online. JEE Main, BITSAT and even exams like government civil services, banking and other competitive exams have gone online. With nearly half the population of India below the age of twenty five years and the increasing penetration of internet and mobile devices, it is a no-brainer that the online education market is set for a significant boom in India.
Today we will evaluate one aspect of online education – Video Lectures, to see what makes them so popular.

  • Convenience – The joy of learning at the place and time of your convenience makes the whole experience enriching. You also have a variety of gadgets to choose from - mobile devices, laptops, tablets, smart phones or good old desktop PCs.

  • Learning Pace: Online video lectures fit in where traditional classroom teaching failed. Here you can learn at your own individual pace, having the advantage of pausing and replaying to ensure complete conceptual clarity. No one understands your strengths and weaknesses better than YOU!

  • Revision: Missed lectures? Don’t worry! Video lectures are a great boon! All you have to do is click the play button, listen, learn and keep up with your lessons. Watch the videos just before the test and see amazing results.

  • Value for Money: The single biggest reason for the gaining popularity of online education is its affordability. You can access world class content at a fraction of the tuition fee that you pay at traditional learning centers.

  • Saves commute: When it’s raining outside or when the mercury raises to 45 degree Celsius, you can continue to focus on your lessons. You can limit your travel to bare minimum and focus on increasing your score.

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