ScoreNEET – A Perfect Complement to Classroom Coaching


ScoreNEETsimplifies the NEET curriculum into engaging content through videos and animations. Access video lectures, track your performance, clear your doubts and take up challenging assignments that stimulate your mind. Avail the benefits of ScoreNEET through a combination of online and offline variants. You can derive additional benefits from the interactive features available on the online platform as well as get access to the entire content 24x7 even without internet connectivity.

Program Pricing

  • Prep Kit 4000+ videos simplifying all JEE concepts in Maths, Physics & Chemistry
  • Drill Machine 15,000 + Practice Questions
  • Test-a-gavanza 1,200 + tests with hints and video solutions to boost your confidence
  • Content Recommendations Based on your performance you will be advised appropriate content to refer to
  • 100 Doubts within 24 hours Get guaranteed video solution to your doubt within 24 hours (eligible for 100 such doubts)
  • Personal Mentoring for 5 hours Our panel of experts coach you personally to help you achieve your goals
  • Detailed Analytics In addition to marks and ranks, get detailed analysis of your strength & weakness based on your attempt pattern across multiple tests
  • Interactive game-based learning Stimulating features to keep you going
  • Doubts Forum Post those nagging doubts and get them clarified
  • 10 National MockNEET exams

1 Month Subscription

Rs 800 /month

1 Year Subscription

Rs 640 /month

2 Years Subscription

Rs 520 /month

DD TargetPMT's Test Series

Rs 3900

*Offline variants - i) SD Card for Android based Tab ii) Pendrive for Windows-based system
  • With 2 year content of Class Xi & Class XII (32 GB)
  • With only 1 year content of either Class Xi or Class XII (16 GB)