Interview with Prof Nakshatram Srinivas, Sri Chaitanya

1) What makes the IITs so alluring to students in India?

Scores of IITians have built successful careers after completing their degrees. Many of them are entrepreneurs who have contributed in a big way to nation building and wealth generation thus earning the respect of the society at large.

2) Why does such a wide gap exist between what is taught in school and the skills required for competitive exams?

At school level, competitive exams are not mandatory. If NTSE/ Olympiad, etc are made compulsory, students would be better geared to handle competitive exams at a later stage.

3) How does a student balance between achieving complete conceptual clarity and mastering the necessary speed for solving problems?

The student must have strong foundation in every subject. Practising to solve questions within stipulated time will help him improve his speed.

4) What is your favourite tip to an IIT-JEE aspirant?

Always UNDERSTAND things rather than LEARNING... and practise properly

5) Why is engineering still a male bastion? Or are things changing now?

Things are slowly changing now. We are seeing an influx of girls in engineering colleges now.