Dr. M. Satyanarayana Murthy Professor of Botany.

1) What are the top three tips you give your students for excelling in Pre-Medical Tests with flying colors.

The following three must be acquired by a student as quickly as possible by active method of reading-

  • Acquisition of information that is subject matter.
  • Understanding the concept.
  • Application of concept
2) Why does such a wide gap exist between what is being taught in school and the skills that are required for competitive exams?

Unfortunately, our system of teaching at schools is defective.Learning process should always be based on doing and not listening. Applicability of the subject learnt and acquisition of skills required can be achieved only through practical knowledge.

3) How do you think ScorePMT will help students preparing for medical entrance examination?

ScorePMT is an ideal tool that prepares a student well to face any competitive exam. Subject presentation is lucid and accurate. At the end of each session class exercises are provided and they help a lot to face any exam.

4) Your advice on how to deal with the pressure that comes up with preparing for PMT.

The pressure on student arise only when he/she is not systematic in acquisition of skills. Most of the students start serious preparation only a few months before the D-DAY and naturally lack of preparation makes them feel suffocated.

5) What is your opinion on competitive exams going online? How do you think the students will perceive the change?

The ultimate goal of gaining knowledge is to apply the knowledge practically to achieve desired result. I personally feel online tests demand quick responses and alertness. Those who have this inherent quality will suit the needs of the society. I strongly urge the students to keep an open mind about the system and co-operate.